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The ultimate tool to sign digitally.

Sign documents digitally with DeepSign and speed up any agreement.

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What is a digital signature?


A digital signature is a type of electronic signature (or eSignature) that meets certain additional security criteria defined by law, such as the presence of a digital certificate and the requirement of secure identification of the signer.

With DeepSign you can sign documents digitally with three types of electronic signatures: simple electronic signatures (SES), advanced electronic signatures (AES) and qualified electronic signatures (QES), the latter of which are legally equivalent to handwritten signatures.



Sign anywhere, send anywhere

Sign documents electronically with no effort, whether you are at your computer, using your tablet, or on the go with your smartphone.

Verify signers’ identities for free

With DeepSign any signer can identify for free using our own DeepID mobile app which works with both passports and national IDs.

Get documents signed legally

Electronic signing is legally valid with DeepSign. Three types of eSignature available including the QES, equivalent to a handwritten signature.

How DeepSign digital signatures work.




Whether it’s a quote, a work contract or a purchase contract, upload your document to DeepSign and share with any necessary co-signers.




Verify your identity and those of your co-signers remotely in 3 easy steps with our DeepID mobile app. DeepID works with both passports and national IDs, and it’s free to use.

If you already use Mobile ID third party app for digital identity you can keep on using it with DeepSign.




Monitor the signature progress in real-time and send your co-signers automatic reminders. Get your document signed with the eSignature type you requested (simple, advanced or qualified electronic signature).

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Executed digital signatures

Your digital signature in accordance with the law.

With DeepSign you can create three types of electronic signatures recognised by international law: simple electronic signatures (SES), advanced electronic signatures (AES) and qualified electronic signatures (QES).



Simple electronic signature
Low evidential value

The easiest solution for quickly signing documents with low liability risk.

It does not replace a handwritten signature.



Advanced electronic signature
High evidential value

A reinforced solution for signing documents with moderate liability risk.

It does not replace a handwritten signature.



Qualified electronic signature
Highest evidential value

The most secure solution for signing any type of document, including those with high liability risk.

It is the equivalent of a handwritten signature.

Get the facts.

Learn more about our legal, security and identification specifications.

Meet both Swiss and EU legal requirements.

Digital signing with DeepSign is legally valid and compliant with both Swiss and EU regulations, so you and your business partners can safely sign regardless of where your company is based.


The Federal Act on Electronic Signatures defines the requirements for digital certificates and the obligations of service providers to “promote a wide range of secure certification services” in Switzerland.


The Electronic Identification, Authentication and Trust Services regulation “establishes the framework to ensure that electronic interactions between businesses are safer and more efficient” in the EU.

Need more details about legal validity?

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What’s the difference between electronic and digital signatures?

Is DeepSign compliant with document signing standards under EU and Swiss law?

How do I identify myself?

Can I sign documents with legal form requirements?

How do I know which type of signature to use?

Are electronic signatures secure?

I’m already using the MobileID app, what should I do?

Swiss eSignatures.
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Enjoy the lowest pricing for digital signatures in Switzerland and pay only for the signatures you actually use. 5 simple electronic signatures (SES) are included free when you sign up.