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Free, integrated digital identity.

Verify your identity in minutes with DeepID.

Verify the identity of your co-signers for free with DeepID.


When digitally signing an important agreement, all co-signers must use their qualified electronic signature (QES) – the legal equivalent of a handwritten signature. To use a QES, the co-signer must first verify their identity. With DeepSign the identity verification is natively integrated in the signature process and available for free to all co-signers.

Verify your identity with DeepID in just 3 easy steps:

  • Scan your ID or passport
  • Take a selfie and short videos
  • Confirm all data is correct

Your ultimate digital identity app.


Natively integrated and free

When signing with DeepSign you can count on the streamlined digital identity app DeepID for identifying your co-signers. DeepID is free to use and natively integrated with DeepSign, which means you don’t need to rely on third party apps.

Works with passports and national IDs

Unlike other digital identity solutions, DeepID works with both passports and national identity cards, making identity verification truly accessible for everyone, no matter what identification document they have.

Valid across Switzerland, EU and EEA

Your digital signatures with DeepSign + DeepID are compliant with ZertES and eIDAS regulations, meaning they are legally valid throughout Switzerland, the European Union and the European Economic Area.

Your digital identity at your fingertips.

Complete your verification in just 3 simple steps and use your verified digital identity to sign documents digitally with DeepSign. The DeepID app is free to use.


Accelerate identification for QES and AES.

Qualified (QES) and advanced (AES) electronic signatures require identity proofing and authentication, as they are often used for high-value agreements. When signing with DeepSign you can count on a fast, streamlined and easy to use solution to identify yourself and your co-signers.


Extra level of security.

DeepID internally manages the entire identification and verification process from document scanning to data processing. All your information and those of your co-signers is managed through our ISO 27001:2013-certified cloud solution, with no personal data stored on the device after the identification is completed. Any personal data is fully controlled by the personal owner, avoiding unauthorised access or data sharing.


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