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Swiss made security.

Sign your next contract with a secure digital signature.

Key security features.


Trust services

DeepSign leverages trust service technologies that are compliant with the standards of the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) in conjunction with both European and Swiss regulations.

Legally valid

Your digital signatures with DeepSign are compliant with ZertES and eIDAS regulations, meaning they are legally valid throughout Switzerland, the EU and the EEA.

Integrated with digital ID

When it comes to identifying your co-signers you won’t need to rely on third party apps anymore. The native integration with our own digital identity app DeepID enables secure and free of charge identification.

Data protection.


Global security standards

Our cloud solution is ISO 27001-certified, which means it meets the world’s best-known standard for information security management systems.

GDPR and nFADP compliant

DeepSign safeguards your data in full compliance with both the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Swiss New Federal Act on Data Protection (nFADP).

Secure Swiss hosting

When you upload a document to DeepSign it gets hosted exclusively on secure servers based in Switzerland, one of the world’s safest locations for data hosting.

Built on DeepBox.


DeepSign is a web application based on the all-in-one Swiss document sharing platform DeepBox, where you can connect with anyone to securely share your most important business documents.

Plus, if you need, you can benefit from a series of DeepBox-related services including data capture AI, data visualisation and online payments.

Meet both Swiss and EU legal requirements.

Digital signing with DeepSign is legally valid and compliant with both Swiss and EU regulations, so you and your business partners can safely sign regardless of where your company is based.


The Federal Act on Electronic Signatures defines the requirements for digital certificates and the obligations of service providers to “promote a wide range of secure certification services” in Switzerland.


The Electronic Identification, Authentication and Trust Services regulation “establishes the framework to ensure that electronic interactions between businesses are safer and more efficient” in the EU.

Need more details about legal validity?

One secure solution that fits any industry.


Make it easier for customers to open accounts online with electronic signatures and digital IDs.


Provide your sales force with a digital solution to speed up the signing of insurance contracts.


Sign up more customers with a streamlined SIM card application process based on secure digital signing.

Public administration

Speed up tax and administration services via secure digital signature and identification.


Deliver confidential information and online services to patients securely through digital signature and identification.


Protect student onboarding and certificate issuing processes with digital signatures.

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Digitalise your signature processes securely with DeepSign.

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